Why use Placeify?

It gives you the ability to deliver information, experiences, and ideas, based upon
geographic locations to existing and new audiences.

  • Pinpoint locations
  • Share information
  • Use audio & video
  • Communicate with people
  • Research & learn

Exeter Blue Plaque Trail

Created by the Exeter Civic Society to support the Blue Plaque scheme in Exeter, this audio guide offers visitors the chance to explore a range of historic locations, and provides additional audio narratives that bring the characters associated with them and the City, to life.

Sidmouth, then and now

Created by Sidmouth Museum, this trail brings the museums extremely rare, and fascinating, 19th Century print collection out of storage and onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can explore the historic seaside town, learning about its heritage, while witnessing how Sidmouth has changed (or not) over recent centuries.

St James Park

Developed to support the Exeter City Football in the Community Trusts, Kickstart Programme, this trail uses a range of images and information, from the clubs heritage collection, to help young people learn about the Football Clubs story and identity, to explore the stadium, and to make connections between the past and the present.

The University of Exeter

A group of third year students on the Performing Digital Humanities course at the University of Exeter produced an arts & sculpture tour, which invites people to become an 'art detectives' by exploring the campus grounds, learning more about the treasures that they find and engaging with the sculptures through a series of questions and comments.